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erm,alright.bismillah.(betulkan gear)this is actually not my first experience in blogging.i’m just changing my world a lil bit.ya,a new world of wordpress.i was trying to avoid myself from having my own blog initially.because…..

ouch,this might happen when you forget your password!

haha.the picture tells everything.well,it’s normal what~somehow,i’ve learned from my mistakes.(ok,saya akan tulis semua password saya dalam notebook.pasti!)

a true mu’min will not fall into the same hole twice.

I hope that this will be one of my wasilah in sharing my thoughts and spreading his words,insyaAllah.I’ll always try to put my sincerity as the main ingredient in my post.and I really need that IKHLAS.seriously.Allahua’lam.

p/s:hey mate,feel free to correct my english or any mistakes in any post.insyaAllah He’ll grant you!*wink-wink


About hnmn

I'm an ordinary human that working for Allah,following Rasulullah and applying Islam as my guidline.thats it! *wink2

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