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“Verily, I am Allah: There is no god but I: So serve thou Me (only), and establish regular prayer for celebrating My praise. [20:14]

This is one of the spectacular verses of Allah,and its shaken me.masyaAllah.i still remember the moment when i found this verse.i was at my school those day.waiting for my mom to fetch me.while waiting,my naqibah approached and sit beside  me,holding her red quran.


we were having a nice and warm’s a sharing moment between sisters.she asked me which verses that knocked my heart greatly.and i show referring to my lovy-dovy quran,i told her the elaboration that suit my understanding.and she did the same things too.

she showed me the verse from Surah Taha.i was naqibah gave her explanation on that verse.Allah admit that He is God.The one and only.what else can we say when Allah say so?why should we deny?where’s the point?there is no more word in the world that can defeat’s a fact!Allahurabbi.

ya,we admit that Allah is the Lord.our verbal, about our act?does it prove that we really have faith in that?well mate,actually we don’t have to prove it by doing something hard.most of us thought that if we want to make any good deeds,the thing must be hard,difficult and burden ourself.or in the other word,sacrifice.

saya sedang lakukan pengorabanan nih.argh.tulun mengerti!

saya sedang lakukan pengorabanan nih.tolong mengerti!

usually,people are chasing for a great catch but neglecting the small thing.yup,frequently occur.even me myself can’t avoid that sometimes.


Mr A always perform his prayer on time.he recite quran everyday,sadaqah without mind about the value etc.he did that to get praises,fame and so on.

while Mr B,he also did the same things as Mr A.but the different is nobody know it.

Allah doesn’t look on quantity,but the ibadah,it’s useless if we do so many prayers per day but no sincerity in our heart!’s much much better if you just focus on the 5 pillars of Islam but you put the escence of sincerity lillahita’ala.wonderful!Allah will count,it doesn’t matter how much RM you put into the donation box but as long as you sincere doing that,Allah will grant you His reward insyaAllah.

i’ll continue in the next post insyaAllah.i’ve a lot of tasks that need to be resolved now.huhu.pray for me!Allahua’lam 😉


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I'm an ordinary human that working for Allah,following Rasulullah and applying Islam as my guidline.thats it! *wink2

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