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Bismillahi ‘ala kulli haalin.hayp!(flashing eyes)

Bear in mind.remember the point in the above picture(FYI,I didn’t put it purposely.just look,and think!ok la,practise also) and this should be applied in ourself as we are works as an attraction to our mad’u and this is important.many du’at thought that da’wah bil kalam is the most essential whereas they forget to show a good attitude in front of their mad’u.showing a good attitude is categorized as da’wah bil hal.

Sometimes people don’t want to hear our speech.well,thats normal for a a da’ie,we can’t expect that every single person that are hearing to our speech will accept they will observe how far the preacher will apply those things in their daily life and this is what we call as da’wah bil hal.saying the words is much much easier than practising them.serious!writing a book about philosophies is easier than practising a philosophy.its clear right?

The way we talk,the way we tolerate,the way we discuss,the way we solve the problems,the way we treat people around us,and everything about our manners.those things will give an impression towards them and will increase/decrease their level of confidence towards Islam.from there,they will analyse and decide the best option that may change their whole life.[this is important mate!important!!]don’t be surprised,sometimes da’wah bil hal is more effective!

Hi!i’m Tom.I’m good in talking,but I don’t even know what am i talking about~

One common problem that usually happened among du’at is that they don’t have enough spirit but they do have passion in doing da’wah.hows that?some of them said,”oh my,I’m not qualified enough to move in da’wah.I’m bad!I have a bad history of mine.I’m sinful and I’m……ya,I’m not perfect.”wahai saudara,I just want to tell you a thing that I’m not sure whether you don’t know or you already forgot it.

“Nobody is perfect,even a prefect”

Okay look.just imagine.every of us have a gigantic ambition;we want Islam to rule the world or in the other romantic word,Ustaziatul Alam.but everybody have that kind of can da’wah moves on?(cough)no one will become perfect until the end of their one and never.(this is life academy.we’re in learning process!)either we like it or not,its a must!aha,ada jugak yang kata,”eh,I feel afraid and scary-mary when I read the verse from Surah As-Saff:2.its shaken me!”

oh man!this shouldn’t be a problem and used as a a brilliant muslim,we should take it as inspiration.inspire yourself to spread da’wah bil kalam but in the same time don’t forget to feed yourself.your iman.they have their right too!well mate, it’s not a simple thing.hey,we must get our head down to realize that.wake up people!(snapping fingers tapitakjadi)Rasulullah s.a.w and his companion have worked so hard to accomplish this you want it stops at you?I mean,YOU?so cruel T_T

so,it depends on you.this is our responsibility and shouldn’t be neglected.da’wah is not easy and it starts from up the real you.strengthen your foundation;perform your solat on time,obey your parents,always tajdid your intention,be nice to your surrounding and so seemed to be simple but it might be harmful if you just take it for me.and my last word,if you have no shame,just do as you wish!think about it.Allahua’lam.. 😎


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I'm an ordinary human that working for Allah,following Rasulullah and applying Islam as my guidline.thats it! *wink2

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