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Why I Choose to Be on This Track:Usrah ^^ (part 1)

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Alhamdulillah ‘ala nikmatahu.Feel like a planton to Allah,or even smaller than that.Alhamdulillah again and again and again,He give me this opportunity to go usrah tonight and alhamdulillah He still and always open and soften my heart to choose to be there.Making a right choice is actually one of the nikmah.Yes,it seems to be a simple thing but yet you still get the reward.MasyaAllah!How gracious He is.

However I still thanked to my ‘hebak’ daddy who is willing to send and fetch me eventhough he’s exhausted.May Allah grant him the best reward.(wow,what a long compliment.wehehe)enough for that I guess..

Usrah.Why is it so essential?Why must you pour your heart for that?I mean you have to put it in your priority list and at the foremost place.Spending your time sitting on the floor,hearing to the preach,jotting down the point etc etc.Why why and why?Yeah,a friend of mine also keep asking me that sort of question.

“Awak ni Pe’ah,usrah je memanjang.Nak ajak pergi situ,tak boleh ada usrah.Nak ajak buat ni tak boleh ada usrah.Ada apa dengan usrah tu?Apa yang spesel sangat ek?”

“Susah la ajak awak ni.Usrah kaaan.Siapalah kami nii”

and others.That is just a part of it.But surely I’ll never blame them for that.It’s not a criminal tho.A thing for you to know is that usrah is like a booster for your spirit.Energizing your inner energy,mentally and so on.You can’t get the feel by just having a glance because you only can see a group of people sitting together in a meaningless circle and doing something that can’t be detected with normal sense.Odd scene for a person who is not used with it.

Then haifa what so special about it?How can by making a ‘circle group’ can boost your energy?How can?Gotcha!Good question.Well,I love to use a very simple concept;it’s not fair for you if I’m just telling you and describe it pumpang pumpang as you can’t even imagine it although you’re nodding.Nodding doesn’t mean you understand okay.So,try to have the feel by exposing yourself with usrah.Try to join it for the first time.I can assure that usrah is not harmful at all.Seriously!Throughout my experience I never heard any suicide cases due to usrah.Hehe

Usrah is love,hope,destiny and everything.It makes you know better about who you are,why are you living on this earth,the reasons why are you breathing,what mission should be accomplished,and the crucial point is you can get acquainted with your creator,Allahu rabbul ‘alamin.If you cover that part,insyaAllah you will get the clear figure about your life.Sacrifice is hard,isn’t it?But usrah teach you how easy it is to make sacrifice and how honor you’ll be by do it.

This circle,a place where all the hearts and intention focused only on the One

This circle,a place where all the hearts and intention focused only on the One

Usually in usrah,there’ll be an akhi(for guy) or ukhti(for girl) who will lead the group,called as Naqib/ah.The number of members will be around 5 or 6 or 7.It depends on the locality or any other consideration.One session takes about 2 hours,once a week.The naqib/ah will conduct the whole session and you’ll be amazed as usrah is truly amazing.In usrah we’re not just talking about religion stuff only but also about current issues;worldwide issue also!This is really helpful as you are not just increasing your level of faith but also adding more knowledge and widen your mind.Sometimes naqib/ah will give you some task to deliver tazkirah about anything that reminds you to Allah.So ‘wow’ing because from there you can polish your leadership and also your skill to speak in front of crowd.

Usrah covers so many aspects.Seerah,akhlak,fiqh,science,math and even cooking,all of them are altogether combined into one.Such a holistic system!If you’re suffering due to loneliness,usrah is the answer.If  your heart feel the emptiness,usrah is the cure.Yes,you’ll never regret with this decision.Well,I’ve no right to force you to come and join us but I’m briefly telling you about how great usrah is.(this is just a quarter from the real one.huu,i swear its amazing!)

Some people are having a rigid way of thinking.They only imagine that usrah is only for religious people,who wear kopiah and big-sized tudung only.This is wrong mate!Don’t bar your natural tendency.This is a good thing and insyaAllah considered as ibadah.It really really helps a lot in guiding your life.Seriously I’m not lying.The option now is in your hand 🙂 Welcome akhi/ukhti 🙂


Realizing the fact that we are temporary breathing on this earth.We’re Allah’s and now we’re working for Him.Put our effort on it.Commitment..And this is one of the best way to commit..


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